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In addition to the 60+ solar subject matter experts we have available for EPCM services, our diverse advisory board is a major factor in our success:

  Adam Camenzuli
Adam has worked in a variety of disciplines, more recently in the solar industry, and as of this year in a diplomatic role as head of the Canadian delegation to the OECD forum. Adam's solar experience took place over the course of several years in Tanzania and his advice has been key to our development of an appropriate non-profit structure for International operations.

  Edwin Wanji
Originally from Kenya, Edwin is owner and founder of Sphere Solar in Seattle. Edwin's unique knowledge and background has been most valuable determining appropriate strategies for certain challenges in underdeveloped countries.

  Jason Guo
Originally from Taiwan, Jason is an accomplished semiconductor technology and solar cell development expert with outstanding academic credentials and successful experience delivering state-of-art product/service. He has a deep understanding of the entire solar manufacturing process from cell chemistry to finished product. Jason's periodic "sanity-checking" of our approach has been invaluable.

  Joe Justice
Joe is best known for his work creating the discipline "Scrum in Hardware", (while working directly with the co-creator of Scrum, Dr. Jeff Sutherland). Joe has worked with a broad range of Fortune 100 organizations and top-tier educational institutions, (several of the leading automotive and aerospace manufacturers, the top three defense contractors, UC Berkeley, MIT, Carnegie Melon, CU Denver, The University of Washington, and many more). His work has been featured in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, CNN Money, the Discovery Channel, and countless others. Joe's input has been instrumental in our development of adaptive project management methodologies for implementing complex systems in challenging environments.

  Mego Mulyo
Originally from Indonesia, Mego has worked in the solar industry for many years, most recently in the role of third-party quality-control inspection for solar cell manufacturers in China. He has extensive knowledge of silicon cell production and real-world performance of cell technologies. Mego's assistance evaluating vendors has been key to developing a resilient network of appropriate equipment and raw materials suppliers.

  Michael Hasse
Originally from Belize, Michael has spent the last few decades assisting organizations ranging from Fortune-100 (e.g. Union Pacific Railroad, Mayo Clinic, ClearWire) down to executing in key positions for multiple successful start-ups. Projects span from satellite ground-systems (Belize Telecommunications Ltd & the United States Air Force) to utility-scale power generation (on behalf of Electric Power Research Institute and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission), electronics manufacturing to data-center design. Michael's solar experience started in Central America in the 1980's and, having special emphasis on manufacturing, supply-chain dynamics and solving unusual problems, has assisted greatly in the development and direction of SunWorks.