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Solar Benefit Calculator

[10MW/year production line]

(please adjust starting values as appropriate)

Quality of life:     
kWh per year
(each household)


(LED lights, USB chargers, small fans)


(Low power appliances & tools only, similar to China, Mexico, Brazil)


(Some higher power appliances & tools, similar to S. Europe, Russia)


(Most appliances & tools, similar to USA, Central and N. Europe)

Semi-skilled labor cost per hour (USD)   
Power cost per kWh (USD)   
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Profit margin (%)       %
Tempered glass cost per M2 (USD)    (Enter "0" if not available)
Aluminum frame cost (USD)    (Enter "0" if not available)
Solar Insolation   
Avg Shipping Cost per Container   


Households | Jobs | Financials

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Panels per household       
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Panel outlay per household   
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Production Cost per Panel    (per Watt: )
Funds retained within community